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       Yanbei Animal Husbandry Machinery Enterprise, was established in 1978, and upgraded in 1998 as " Yanbei Animal Husbandry Machinery Group Co.,Ltd " (herein referred to as "Yanbei Group" ). It is a multi-category and high-tech enterprise in China more than 40 years, specializing in innovation and manufacture of animal husbandry machinery equipment for livestock and poultry. Yanbei Group is the vice-presidential company of China Animal Agriculture Association.

       "Yanbei" brand is a Well-known Trademark. Yanbei Group has its own and was first to none to acquire ISO9001 certificate in 1999 with the grant of Import & Export License and intellectual property.

      Being the research base of China Agricultural University, China Academic Agricultural Science and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, and with the great support provided by the committee of technical experts, Yanbei Group shows an efficient and powerful research ability and a strong innovated ability. "Yanbei" products serve not only for domestic market but also for more than 20 countries worldwide. The customers are pleased with Yanbei products.

      The leaders of Yanbei Group followed Chinese Premier on many occasions to visit North American, European and African Countries. Chairman Mr.Liu Yonghuai won the prize of "National Agricultural Star" respectfully from Chinese Agricultural Ministry.

Main Products:

      • Automatic poultry farming equipment;

      • Manufacturing industrized farming equipment for pig, cow, sheep, and rabbit etc.;

      • Ventilating and heating equipment, cooling system for poultry and livestock housing;

      • Hatchery equipment for poultry;

      • Feed processing machine and complete set of feed processing equipment;

      • Straw stalks and forage processing equipment;

      • Bio-fermentation organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer producing equipment;

      • Poultry  processing and refrigerating equipment. 

      Yanbei Group will continuously work hard to "Build up Yanbei Brand in the market, Provide Qualified Products to Customers". Thus, Yanbei Group will be based on technical research and continuously innovation to expand the international business , and to make more achievements for China and the international animal husbandry industry.