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Focusing Animal Husbandry, Making More Achievements

Focusing Animal Husbandry, Making More Achievements

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  On December 27, 2018, Yanbei Group hold a seminar on the animal and poultry farming situation and its trends of 2019 so as to provide comfort and right service for the customers in creating their business values. We , first of all, shared what we have achieved in 2018 and also those mistakes we made. In terms of the animal and poultry farming, 2018 is quite special. Due to the influence given by the Africa pig fever, pig farms suffered their most miserable year by losing a great deal of investment. While, regarding to poultry farming including layers, broilers and palmipeds, the farmers make a great harvest in 2018.

  Being a professional animal husbandry machinery manufacturer, Yanbei made a right decision according to the detail analysis about the inquiry of the market. Therefore, 2018 is a good year to Yanbei because we could avoid making mistakes in producing our products. And we will focus on the farming situation seriously in the next year so as to have one more harvest year by doing the works as following. First, Yanbei is going to invest much in machinery technical study and promote the cooperation with the scientific research institutions and universities. Secondly, to give more train of professional information and team work sense to the staff so as to help Yanbei’s customers to get more achievements in animal and poultry farming. The last, Yanbei is going to make more promotions to the market by means of all the possibilities including on and off line tools.